• The Ruth Mentoring Project


    What is The Ruth Academy?

    The Ruth Academy, formerly, The Ruth Mentoring Project, was founded by Dr. Nicky E. Collins in 2006 and relaunched in 2014 as a program to help women discover purpose , develop as leaders and live by Faith in every area of their lives. The name was inspired by the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Dr. Nicky's heart behind the program is to provide a safe place for women to come, be empowered, grow and be released into their God-given destiny.

    When does The Ruth Academy Start?

    To Be Announced

    How often does the Ruth Project meet?

    The Ruth Academy is an online Mentoring program and classes are offered ongoing for 6-month cycles.

    How much does The Ruth Academy cost?

    The Ruth Academy Mentoring Participants will take (6) main classes. There is a $99 non-refundable registration fee to join the Academy.

    What do I need to do to get started?

    Ruth Project participants are asked to fill out the Ruth Academy Interest Form and pay a $99(non-refundable) registration fee.

    When does the sign-up period end?

    Registration for The Ruth Academy happens on a rolling basis with 6-month cohorts being announced throughout the year. 

    Where does the Ruth Academy meet?

    Hybrid (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)

    How can I be sure the Ruth Academy is for me?

    The Ruth Academy is an intensive, group mentoring experience that yields very personal/individual results. The Academy is especially for women and girls who have come to a point in their lives where they are seeking to see God's purpose activated in their lives on a greater level. If you are ready to set aside 6-months to experience God and His purpose for you in entirely new ways, this Academy is for you...Now.

    One More Thing To Consider...

    You are not alone. When you become a part of the Ruth Academy, you become a part of a Sisterhood of Purpose where women who have experienced some of the same things you have or may experience, are here to help you! Women who go through the Ruth Academy share the common goal of helping other women make it beyond where they are to achieve the greater that God has for them! Since 2014, more than 210 women and girls have graduated from the program.

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